Danger & Middlebrook

Rap Battlin' Robots

A fast paced game that enlists the players to build the most powerful rapping robot.  When the game ends, add up your score to see if your robot rap battled it's way to victory.

Danger & Associates
Blood &  Motor Oil

A three part graphic novel about humanity, connection, and Robots. The story comes from the mind and heart of writer/creator Allison Danger, with the extraordinary panelists Christopher Ables (Illustrator) as well as...SPOILER! (Soon to be revealed).  Covers by the insanely talented Benjamin Tiesma (Walking Dead) the exceptional Lauren Tracey (Illustrator),the awesome Jordan Middlebrook (Cartoonist) and superb Ian Ashcroft (Enter the Asylum/ Kia Wordsmith).

Blood and Motor Oil is a graphic novel that is slated for a 2020 release, but will be available in parts as a Convention Exclusive.  Check out the Calendar Of Events for where and when to purchase.

Danger & Middlebrook

Take Back the Artifact

A card game that makes you a Leader, a Sidekick, a Secret Weapon, a Bandit, and a Cowboy.  A band of heroes face off against fantastical villains in a race to save lost relics, and Take Back The Artifact.

Danger & Lupin

When Wolf lost Moon

An illustrated short story about love and connection.  This original work focuses on the somber side of love ~ loss.  With imagery and vocabulary designed to evoke these emotions, Wolf & Moon captivates, while set in a rugged Canadian landscape.

When Wolf lost Moon is currently available as a resource, and as a fully illustrated hardcover in 2020.

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Danger & Ashcroft

Charlie Goes North


This dark fantasy adventure is told in the time immediately post war (WWII) in the wilds of Northern Canada.  With each of the main characters persona's and design reminiscent of a this tumultuous time on the world stage, the fantastical elements are interwoven into history.  Although the idea of where the world is at this time is a global one, this story is small when it comes to the landscape that it covers.  Where it makes up its breadth, is rooted in the characters.  It's a big story, for a small town.

Charlie Goes North is an illustrated novel that is currently in development.  

Check the News & Updates section for up to date information, appearances, and release.