Do Winter Write


This project is a challenge to write each and every day for a month.  To write something fun, or outside of a comfort zone, heartfelt or in a format you have always wanted to try.  It is a way to flex creative muscles and thoughts, to grow and groom a mindset that fosters creative growth through practice and patience.  February 2019 will be the inaugural year so pick up your pens and keyboards, and lets DO WINTER WRITE. 

Do Winter Write

Spend the doldrums of February participating in the month long writers prompt project of DO WINTER WRITE - The writers inktober with a list of daily prompts for a month to invigorate and inspire creative writing.

The rules are simple.  Incorporate the prompt word into your piece.  It can be in any format, handwritten or typed, but cannot be more than 1 page in length.  The page borders and your imagination are your only confines.

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If you want to share your creative work with the world, be sure to post to social media, and include the hashtags #dowinterwrite #dww and #glasscabinetcreative to get featured on the Glass Cabinet Creative website and social media.

Full Prompt List will be available

December 15, 2018

on this page, and here.

Credit where it's due - Jake Parker (The Inktober movement) is the cornerstone for projects like this to get off the ground, and become a global phenomenon.

Thanks Jake.

Wake up Your Creativity

Warming up the area of your body that helps you create is essential to producing a quality piece.  For most artists, this involves waking up the creative portion of your mind.  For some, it can involve an organized workspace, or even finding the right tool (finding the pen with the right tip, or getting the lead on your pencil just right for the type of shading you are trying to achieve).

Practice Your Craft

Writing, illustration, painting, photography and any number of artistic competencies are like any other skill...if they are practised regularly, the quality of the output that is generated can grow, sometimes exponentially.

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