Blood & Motor Oil: Archive Cover Artist


Jordan Middlebrook

Jack of all Trades

Jordan Middlebrook started as an influential member of the celiac disease blogging community for many years before finding himself as a regular guest on a local television show, which ultimately led to him hosting that show for one and a half seasons. After leaving the show, he pursued acting in few  commercials and PSAs and held a one year contract with an international magazine as a cartoonist. Jordan continues to flex his creative muscles with board game development and small television hosting roles.

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Part 2: Archive

Part Two takes place, in its entirety, roughly 15 years before the story's ongoing timeline.  The Woman is peacefully developing robotic advancement technology against the will of an anti robotic militia.  When her son is held hostage by them, she tries to trade her life’s work to rescue him. 

Cover art Reveal date:  Tri City Super Con

October 5th - 7th 2018, Kitchener- Waterloo (REVEALED)

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