The Best of Us – Submission

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Our Creative Team

Allison Danger


Mathew Dariol

Character Concepts/Illustrator

Shawn Daley

Cover Artist

It’s 2049 and the Federated Nations wants a world without heroes. The strongest person in the world is captured and she's sent to a facility that holds and houses aged exceptional people.  While the other senior residents of this facility vie for autonomy and to decide their own fate, they find they must work with their captors as the impending threat of the world class villain; Deathnote, looms

The second graphic novel in the series will see our grey haired protagonist struggle with his waining exceptional abilities as he gets older.  The Brigadier isn’t who he used to be, and wrestles with his past failures. Ivy league lets people in on why she has always worked alone and why she hates the Hague and its creator.  The third book will focus on the climatic clash of muscle and moral with unlikely friends helping one and other to go out on their own terms.


Project Specs

Planned as a three book graphic novel series, the first book is scripted at 70 pages, while book 2 and three are projected to be between 60-100 pages of full colour beauty.

Our current production schedule has the sequential artist, Matty Dariol to complete all interior sequential art for book one, no later than February 2021, with over 40 pages complete.  Current lettering is placeholder from the artist only.  Final lettering will be completed by Allison Danger.


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The Best of Us is a murder mystery wrapped in a social commentary about senior living in a nursing home setting.  The title of the book plays off of the idea of an older generation being referred to at the "greatest generation".